Your own local Markout service, with the offline mode and transparent synchronization with a central server.
It represents a Windows-based application that hides into the system tray after startup and launches its built-in web server with an interface similar to the online version of the product.
This is, in essence, a proxy for the online service, with offline mode and transparent synchronization. You can work completely offline in your favorite browser, and all the accumulated changes will be saved to a central server the next time you connect to the network.
If you like Linux or Mac, you can put it on a virtual machine and use it on the network. "Native" Linux and Mac versions are in development, the will be released in the next few weeks.
Please note that this version is not designed for multi-user operation due to technical limitations. Trying to use it as a "dedicated server for the poor" can (and will!) lead to a permanent loss of data.
The only reliable way multiplayer works - several independent accounts on the same offline server, synchronizing through a central server when connected to the Internet.
You can download the latest version here: