It's a stand-alone application instance with an independent database, virtual filesystem and an unlimited number of users that runs on your server inside or outside your corporate network. runs the same instance you will get. No difference at all.
You will also get these extra administrative features:
  • - manage users - you can add, delete and update users, enable or disable new user registration and password changes/resets.
  • - store data at your Amazon S3 bucket - it effectively removes all data size limitations. Amazon S3 is really cheap for its power, by the way - about $30/month for 1Tb of data. You can also disable backups that will remove the need to pay for Amazon altogether.
  • - {your_name} subdomain - it can be your or your company name or any other RFC-compliant domain name.
  • - your domain or subdomain forwarding - like markout.{yourcompany}.com with or without the SSL (https)
  • - branding: - you can change product name and its logo in the left top corner, main page and all help contents, e-mail templates and all strings you see in the interface, you can also easily add new languages;
  • - transparent service upgrades - when releases a new version of its software, you get it almost instantly after its public release.
    You get a seamless Windows installation of the service that doesn't depend on any third-party services or applications inside or outside your corporate network. We can also help you to setup it remotely on your server using TeamViewer.
    Software requirements:
  • - Windows 7 or higher on a physical or virtual computer
  • - 1Gb or memory, the software itself will consume 300+Mb depending on its use
  • - Microsoft .Net 4.5 (built-in at Windows 8+, will take about 200Mb of disk space on Windows 7)
  • - about 1Gb of free disk space
    Memory consumption depends mainly on the files you upload. If you don't upload files, it will consume about 300Mb total.
    Your server will be definitely faster than online one due to the lower network latency. This way browser experience becomes closer to one of the native apps.
    Processor load is minimal - stress testing with 1000 active users consumed about 3% of Xeon E5 v2. If you install Nginx as a service frontend, it will become almost invincible.
    Security is at the highest level: pure managed .Net that doesn't depend on popular third-party libraries or tools, the only network port it uses is the http/https one. There is nothing to hack there :)
    Each Markout server installation requires a separate license purchase. You will get your personal account at the license server where you can manage your installations: activate and deactivate them when you move Markout to another server.
    You can host Markout on our servers for the extra $29/mo, this way we will transparently manage its installation, maintenance, support and upgrades. We never oversell servers so that we can guarantee the highest level of service.